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Welcome Professionals!

Welcome to Spadweller, your partner in the online world of beauty and wellness. We know running a business isn’t always a breeze, so we’re here to help. Our platform is designed to make things simpler, from selling products, events, and experiences to boosting your online presence with SEO.

Join us and become a vendor – it’s easy! Your dashboard awaits, along with a helpful resources page full of tips to grow your business. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, Spadweller has your back. Start below on the business page to add a free listing. Thanks for joining us – we’re excited to help you reach your business goals!

Business Listing

Listing on Spadweller Directory can have many benefits for your business. First, by listing your business, you can improve your local SEO. This makes it easier for potential customers to find you when they are searching for beauty and wellness services in their area.


In addition, listing your business on our directory allows you to connect with customers who are actively seeking the products and services you offer, and promote your brand to a wider audience.


Best of all, our basic listing is completely free. You can upgrade to our Pro or Premium listing plans to access even more features and benefits. Simply click on the “ADD LISTING” button right here on the business page. So why not take advantage of this good practice and list your business on Spadweller Directory today?

Vendor Registration and Dashboard

As a vendor on the platform, you’ll have access to a range of benefits that can help grow your business. By registering as a vendor, you can sell your products in our online marketplace without the need for your own e-commerce website. This means that you can sell straight from your shelves to local customers. In doing so, you are helping to reduce carbon footprint and promote a more sustainable future.

With Spadweller, you won’t miss out on any more sales. Start selling your products today and take advantage of our platform’s many benefits for vendors in the beauty and wellness industry. Be sure to add your business first by clicking the “ADD LISTING” button on this business page.

Event Ticket Management

To make the most of your business on Spadweller, you can also post upcoming events on our platform. To do this, simply register your business with us and choose from one of our three available add-on plans. If you opt for the Pro or Premium plan, you’ll have access to even more features. These plans give you the ability to sell tickets for your events using our ticket management system. If you’re looking for inspiration or guidance on planning events, our platform also offers a helpful guide to get you started.


Expand your business’s reach and do more with events on Spadweller. Our platform allows you to promote a variety of events, including workshops, online courses and virtual experiences. Register your business on Spadweller today and start promoting your upcoming events to a wider audience!

Social Networking

Connecting and communicating with customers is essential for any business. This platform offers a range of tools to help you do just that. The built-in social networking features allow you to create a community around your business. When you start your own group you can engage with customers in a more personal and meaningful way. By fostering relationships with your customers, you can gain valuable insights into their needs and preferences. You can use this information to improve your products and services. 

Additionally, our platform offers various communication channels, such as private messaging and forums. This allows you to stay connected with your customers, respond to their inquiries and feedback promptly. By utilizing these features, you can build stronger relationships with your customers, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately drive growth for your business.

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